Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Amaranth Sacred?

If you need a little extra strength and some out of this world power, maybe a little Amaranth will do you the trick!

Burgundy Amaranth is also known as “Prince’s Feather”. It was sacred to the Aztecs. They believed that it had supernatural power and gave their warriors strength. Cortez proclaimed that anyone possessing even a grain would be put to death.

Unlike Quinoa, Amaranth does not have any saponin or hulls, and does not need additional preparatiion before cooking. Grains can be steamed or boiled like rice, ground into flour for pancakes or muffins (add 1 part amaranth flour to 4 parts wheat flour) for extra protein, or even popped like popcorn.

What do you think? Does Amaranth give you strength?